Mayıs, 2016 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Blinkist: My Commute Friend / Yol Arkadaşım

If you are living in a big city like İstanbul and going to work everyday, that means approximately 2 hours of your day passes while commuting. During this time a better option than listening to music is audio books. One of the best apps for this purpose is  Blinkist . Last year, I met with one of the co-founders - Sebastian - in a conference. When he mentioned about the app, I downloaded the one month free version. After a try I liked it a lot and still using it.  Blinkist presents only non-fiction books including management, leadership, history, politics and self development topics. Berlin based company provides maximum 15 minutes summaries in English. At first they had only written content, but related their user requests, they started to present audio versions for commuters.  As a result, people who don't have enough time to read new things have no excuses to read or listen at least one book a day. You may reach the the application through web,  android or ios.