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Kutadgu Bilig: The Wisdom of Happiness / Mutlu (Kutlu) Olma Bilgisi

Kutadgu Bilig: The Wisdom of Happiness /  Mutlu (Kutlu) Olma Bilgisi In Kutadgu Bilig (The Wisdom of Happiness), which was written during 11th century related to Turkic-Iran-Mongol traditions, Karahan Uyghur Turk, Yusuf Has Hacib wrote his advises to Karahanid Emperor Buğra Kara Han, how to form a strong and happy country and human being. While I was reading these advises in the latest book (Islam and Gorvernment in Ottoman History) of Professor Halil İnalcık - famous historian professor of professors - I learnt that he passed away. Professor Inalcık, who had celebrated his 100th birthday with his friends last year, mentioned his personal 3 advises to live a long and fulfilling life: Have an important target, Have healthy rituals,  Listen to classical music. Rest in peace.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halil_%C4%B0nalc%C4%B1k http://www.inalcik.com/indexTr/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------