Mayıs, 2020 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

The Last Online Lecture / Son Online Ders

I have completed one of the project management courses I have been teaching at MEF University for about two years. Different from previous terms: - I gave more than half of the lessons online because of Covid19, - In addition to the classical project management, I also thought methods such as agile, lean startup, product management and holacracy. It was a bit wide in content but I think both me and my students enjoyed it. Since they are MBA class, they have detailed questions, tried to align with their companies, some of them also started and got certifications. Online lessons were quiet good. Of course, this would be more comfortable for MBA programs with few students, it will be more challenging for  the undergraduate classes with 30 people. As a result, I introduced new project manager candidates to the sector:) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yaklaşık iki yıldır MEF üniversitesi