Ağustos, 2017 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

PMI Pulse Report & Executive Roundtable

While I was at PMI Global Congress in Rome, I was invited to join the executive roundtable to discuss last Pulse Report. This year’s Pulse of the Profession® that organizations are making progress as they are experiencing more success with implementing strategic initiatives. For the first time in the last five years of this research, it is seen that more projects are meeting original goals and business intent and being completed within budget . At the same time, the definition of success is evolving. The traditional measures of scope, time, and cost are no longer sufficient in today’s competitive environment. The ability of projects to deliver what they set out to do— the expected benefits —is just as important. These findings suggest that organizations are becoming more mature with their project management practices and are investing in the following factors that distinguish more successful project performance : Talent : Developing the technical, leadership, and busines